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My name is Emma Barry. I shake you warmly by the hand! If you only remember one thing about me after reading this page, it should be this.; Iʼm passionate … Continue reading

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Why should you should hire me?

You may very well be wondering why you should consider hiring me. This is a perfectly reasonable question, so to aid you I have compiled this handy list you see … Continue reading

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My (current) favorite typefaces

This is where you shall find me fangirling over different typefaces. It changes occasionally as I have a great many of typefaces I favor, but few I use as often … Continue reading

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Fun Tidbits

Self Proclaimed Anglophile Avid Reader & Bibliophile Budding Type Designer Emerging Scholar of Semiotics & Semantics Recently began exploring Zen Buddhism Addicted to all kinds of Tea Longs to travel … Continue reading

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